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Remote Monitoring Layer 2/3 Networking Unique Alarming Services

Unlimited Bandwidth’s unique alarming solutions help bridge the gap between legacy equipment and today’s technology.

Function and Efficiency Combined

These Unlimited Bandwidth solutions assist network operators in “getting the most” out of the equipment in their network. We offer innovative solutions that expand functionality and increase operational efficiencies.

PC1000 E2A Status Poll to Alarm Poll Solution

  • Cost-effective solution converts the polling from legacy status polling to efficient alarm polling
  • Lowers the polling load by a factor of 6
  • Allows network operators to increase the number of remotes per NMA circuit
  • Quick configuration without databases
  • 23” or 19” rackmount 1RU
  • Interoperable with either a legacy analog network or next-generation IP network
  • Can be used with the QD5000 to provide local real-time alarm data for legacy equipment
  • Compatible with WECO E2As, DAS and SAC units

QD5000 Quick Display

  • Real-time alarm data display unit
  • Interoperable with the IS9008 E2AoIP alarm system or the PC1000
  • Available in rackmount, frame-mount and portable test set


Extend the life of first-generation alarm systems

Increase on-site alarm visibility

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QD5000 Frame Mount Test Set
QD5000 Frame-Mount Test Set
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