Remote Monitoring

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Unlimited Bandwidth’s monitoring solutions have the flexibility to integrate with any size network.

Full Range of Monitoring Solutions

Protocols and sizes to pick from to meet your needs. From 32 alarm points to 3,200 alarm points, we have your IP remote monitoring needs covered.

E2AoIP Gateway

E2AoIP Gateway Host

  • Installed in the data center and connected directly to NMA
  • Single serial interface connected via RS232
  • 100% interoperable with NMA interface and OSS

E2AoIP Gateway

E2AoIP Gateway Remote

  • IP gateway installed in the central office, replacing the analog transport circuit
  • Individual serial ports are switch-selectable
  • RS232/RS422/RS485 operation
  • Supports 8 E2A addresses at a single IP address
  • Time- and field-proven interoperable with all legacy E2A alarm systems

IS7000 Expansion Alarm Block

  • 128 alarm points with 16 control points
  • Simple single switch configuration
  • Daisy-chain interface supports multiple units on a single expansion port

IS8000 IP-Based Alarm System

  • 32 alarm points with 4 control points
  • Small 1RU form factor
  • Real-time local alarm display
  • Pluggable front panel connections for easy installation


  • SNMP over IP
  • TL1 over IP

IS9000 IP-Based Standalone Alarm System

128 alarm points with 16 control points

  • SNMP over IP
  • TL1 over IP
  • E2A over IP

IS9008 IP-Based Expandable Alarm System

128 alarm points with 16 control points with expansion ports


  • TL1 over IP
  • E2A over IP
  • E2A over IP expandable to 3840 and 512
  • TL1 over IP expandable to 512 and 64

UB Pro

  • Windows-based management and administration software
  • Configure your TL1 and SNMP alarm systems remotely via IP or locally via serial port
  • Download, upload, view and edit configuration files
  • View color-coded site alarms in real-time
  • Configure multiple remote sites with a few clicks of the mouse
  • Configuration files are fully compatible with Microsoft Excel